Greetings From Bill and Nancy Ripley!

Hi! My name is Bill Ripley. Along with my wife Nancy, own Horizon Pacific Management and Rentals as well as a house in Tamarindo. We’ve owned our house since 2006 and bought this company in February, 2008.

Bill & Nancy Ripley

Bill & Nancy Ripley

A little more about us…

I was born and raised in a little town just outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey known as Mays Landing. I graduated High School in 1972 and for the next few years, worked, traveled and went to 3 different colleges but never received a degree. I fell in love with the woman of my dreams who has been my friend since early Elementary school. We married in 1978 and are still best friends today…at least that’s what she still tells me!

Nancy was born and raised in the same town. She also graduated High School in 1972 and then went to Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia where she received her degree in Elementary Education. Through our early years of marriage, she was an elementary teacher in Mays Landing and as well as Mt. Pleasant, SC after we moved.

We’ve raised 2 children. Our daughter, Corinne is married to Bradd Johnson and they have a daughter, Dylann Elizabeth… our first Granddaughter and a new grandbaby on the way. Our son, Chris just recently graduated, finishing his degree in Visual Communications at Hawaii Pacific University. So he is off on his own.

After marrying and having our children in Mays Landing, while they were still young, we moved to Isle of Palms, South Carolina in 1990 because we wanted to live in a coastal community with a better quality of life to raise them. Isle of Palms is just outside of Charleston which proved to be a wonderful place for us to live. I started working for Island Realty which is a Resort Rental and Real Estate Company on Isle of Palms that has grown to manage over 500 short and long term properties as well as a number of Home Owner Associations. I have worked of this same company since 1991 and Nancy has worked for them since 1995. We both still work there and will into the future. I am a Real Estate Sales broker with over 18 years experience in residential, resort and commercial sales and management. Nancy who has been doing the bookkeeping for Island Realty for 14 plus years also was the bookkeeper for 7 years for a company that she and I owned before we moved to the Isle of Palms.

Because of this experience, I am very well educated in the management of vacation rental properties as well as long term rentals and condominium associations like properties found in Tamarindo and Langosta. Nancy and I have been growing Horizon Pacific which has grown by more than 240% since we took over. While we still have responsibilities that we need to tend to in South Carolina, through the near future, we split our time between the two places. I spend about every other month in Tamarindo and Nance a little less.

We have a great staff at Horizon Pacific and even though we are commuting back and forth from Isle of Palms to Tamarindo, with the internet and phone communication, I am very active in the day to day operations of Horizon Pacific and the management of the properties when not in Tamarindo.

We totally enjoy our time in Costa Rica and look forward to a time when we will be able to live there for longer periods. We feel blessed for this opportunity and hope that we will be a blessing to many of the people we come in contact with while living this adventure.

3 thoughts on “Greetings From Bill and Nancy Ripley!

  1. hey bill….hope you and nancy are well….are you still in the business down here in costa rica..??..if so, i would like to talk to you…i have begun renting my flamingo condo….please check out my VRBO link….
    thanks and God Bless, david

  2. Hi Bill and Nancy,

    I wanted to introduce my services to you here in Tamarindo. Please take a moment to view my website. If you are interested in a complimentary tasting, please feel free to contact me.

    All the best,
    Julie Carrozzi

  3. Greetings, hope all is well with you. David Jackson, formerly of IoP is interested in Costa. Will give your contact info. Enjoyed your write up.
    Are we all not just livin’ the life?

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