Tamarindo Diria Rentals Expands Their Presence to Langosta

30 years ago the Diria was the first hotel established in Tamarindo and over those years they have become one of the largest and premier lodging facilities in the area. For the seasoned Costa Rican traveler you are most likely aware of the expansion the Tamarindo Diria has made over the years. This beach front resort stretches over 5 acres in land total and has locations expanding into Langosta. Recently completed in December of 2006 were the elegant Horizontes del Mar and the spectacular Villas Langosta. So as you can see it is hard to not notice the presence the Tamarindo Diria, Costa Rica Beach Resort, has throughout the Pacific coast.
Horizontes del Mar

So if you are looking for possibly the best location on the beach in Costa Rica, than brace yourself, because with Horizontes del Mar, you have found it! These beach side condos are a part of the Tamarindo Diria, however though they are located in Langosta, they still boast the luxurious amenities you would expect while vacationing with the Diria. Located in quiet and elusive Langosta the grounds that surround the property are lush and manicured with palms, tropical hibiscus and bird of paradise. The wildlife one can see in a week’s time is amazing even in a close proximity to your condo. The unobstructed view from your room looks over the great blue ocean for as far as the eye can see. And a quick look below you can see the sparkling pool. The only thing between your condo and the blue ocean is a few meters of white sand.

Inside these condos are large kitchens, living and dining areas. The interiors are granite, marble, wood and handcrafted tile. High end appliances adorn the modernly furnished space and living areas open up to a beautiful terrace overlooking the ocean.

Horizontes del Mar is located in a fabulous and quiet area perfect for a luxurious vacation in paradise. For more information about Horizontes please request from Horizon Pacific.

Please visit our Langosta Vacation Rentals page to learn more about our Langosta properties.

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