Get Some Color in Villa Verde 1’s Unit 11

Villa Verde I, Unit #11

This time of year is all about transition. Kids are getting ready to back to school. Parents are planning to have their lives back. Tamarindo is getting super green.

This time of year is what some call the rainy season, which is a misnomer. It’s not raining all the time. This time of year in Tamarindo is the best time to travel, as prices are cheaper, businesses and the beach are less crowded. Most importantly, the weather is great.

Most mornings start out sunny. We may get some afternoon rain, but it usually clears by sunset. Then we get some amazing thunderstorms after nightfall. By morning, the rain stops and the day starts fresh. It’s great. You really have to check it out.

This month we recommend you do it by staying in a Tamarindo vacation rental, like Villa Verde’s unit 1. This rental has many unbooked days in September. You’re gonna love it.

Villa Verde 1’s unit 11 will not only splash color in your life, it will be the off beach refuge for your travel companions, complete with a quiet pool.

The Rooms


The main floor of your Tamarindo vacation rental is where you’ll find all the common areas. The bedrooms are upstairs. It’s three bedrooms with a bathroom for each room.

Your rental is three stories tall, with balconies on every floor. Two bedrooms are queen sized beds. One has bunk beds. We’ve selected the furniture throughout with your comfort in mind.

Please, put your feet up. Lean back. Forget about it all.

You Deserve Technicolor 


Whether it’s that perfect vacation tan, the perfect bathing suit or the paint on the walls, unit 11 in Villa Verde 1 has you covered.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a Tamarindo vacation rental with more vibrant colors than this one. Even the TV is in color. Okay, so that’s not so special but every room is tastefully painted and custom decorated to say tropical vacation.

We’ve stocked your kitchen with modern appliances so you can eat or mix drinks as you wish. Yeah, there’s a blender. Heck, you can even wash clothes if you so desire.

Don’t worry about leaving your stuff behind. Villa Verde 1 is a gated community. Relax, you’ve earned it.

Take Refuge


You are a ten-minute walk from the beach and just as far from the center of town. The number of restaurants is huge and the list just keeps growing.

You may be far from civilization, but in Tamarindo, you have many options for food. Cuisines range from Italian (we have lots of pizza), American classics, Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean and more.

Because Tamarindo is a multicultural town, in many ways you get the sample plate for the world. When you’re done at the beach or done eating, scurry back to your vacation rental to take a siesta or just chill.

You are officially off the grid, even though you have WiFi..

Splash Around


Despite the large pool we call the ocean, many Tamarindo vacation rental units have pools. This one, however, is more exclusive. It even has a waterfall.

Because Villa Verde 1 is a smaller property, the number of people in the pool on any given day is fewer than other places. Feel free to lounge in solace. You don’t have to hit the sand to get some nap time. Grab a chaise lounge chair, put in some headphones if you like, then pass out.

The grounds in Villa Verde 1 are beautifully landscaped and maintained.

Come stay for a few days, stay for a few weeks. You won’t regret all the solace you’ll find in sunny Tamarindo. Call us with any questions. We want to be your one-stop service provider in Tamarindo.

In fact, we’ll take care of everything. You just have to get here.

Horizon Pacific Management & Rentals is located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Offering vacation rentals, property management, long-term rentals, as well as a complete concierge service. Providing you with a local contact during your stay, Horizon Pacific is a company you can trust, with the experience you need

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