Tamarindo Property Management

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Property Management in Costa Rica is a vital aspect of property ownership if you are an absentee owner. There are three distinct elements of Property Management that a good Property Management Company should be able to offer its clients and perform efficiently.

They are:

  • Owner Property Management
  • Owner Rental Management
  • Association Management

The Owner Property Management is for the folks who decide to own a property in Costa Rica and live somewhere else in the world. The need for a Costa Rica property management Company to oversee your Costa Rica property is an essential component in that ownership.

It is critical to have a company that understands the laws and customs of Costa Rica as well as how to get things done. The Owner Property Management Company needs to be able to effectively take care of the property in your absence, be willing to give you personal service, be held accountable and pay attention to your Property the same way that you would if you were living in it full time. They have to be able to do it at a reasonable price.

The Owner Rental Management is for the absentee owner who wants to generate rental income from their property in their absence. If Rental Income is a key element in the ownership of your Costa Rica Property, the Company that you choose must have a deep understanding of the local rental conditions, internet marketing, local marketing, rate pricing, booking procedures, tenant screening, accountability and housekeeping. The Property Management Company you choose needs to have systems and people in place to maximize the rental opportunities.

The final aspect of Property Management that affects the owner of a condominium, villa or property that has common elements to it is Association Management. The Association Manager does not necessarily have to be the same company as the Owner and Owner Rental Manager. However the Owner Property and Rental Manager should be able to work cooperatively with the Association Manager.

The Association Manager knows how to maintain a complex and works at the authorization of either the developer on new projects or a board of owners at established complexes where the maintenance of common areas and common elements of ownership in the property is essential in preserving its integrity. Association Management is typically independent of the other two management elements.

Horizon Pacific Management and Rentals is the company of choice for many owners and a number of Associations because they understand the process, are on the leading edge of technology and have a reputation for great service.