Costa Rica Rental Properties

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Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a variety of places, people and activities to experience. Your Costa Rica rental property should be no different.

Horizon Pacific Management and Rentals offers short- and long-term Costa Rica rental properties in the Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta area. We offer many different types of accommodations to meet just about any traveler’s needs. Our Costa Rica rental properties include houses, condos, villas and resort accommodations. There are property options available for small and large groups, including travelers with children.

Most of our Costa Rica rental properties are within walking distance to Playa Tamarindo or Playa Langosta, local restaurants, shops and nightlife. Rental car facilities, taxi services and bus stops are close by if you plan to broaden your horizon during your stay.

Browse some of our Costa Rica rental properties online to see pictures and view the property amenities. Click on the image at the bottom of the page and you arrive at a page listing current Costa Rica rental properties. Once you find the property that fits you best, take a look at the Availability Calendar. If the time of your visit is available, click on “Rent this property.” You can book your vacation online today through our secure booking site. Almost all of our Costa Rica rental properties include internet connections and all include housekeeping services every third day of your stay. Additional details about each property type are below.

Costa Rica House Rentals

If you are looking for Costa Rica house rentals that will give privacy, luxury and some of the majestic views of the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer then just glance at the list of Costa Rica house rentals that Horizon Pacific manages.

There are a number of other choices of Costa Rica house rentals that are located in various places throughout Tamarindo and Langosta and afford the same privacy and comfort but maybe not the same majestic views. They can be found on Horizon Pacific Management and Rentals’ “Vacation Rentals” list.

You may want to accommodate a large family or group while on your Costa Rica Vacation in Tamarindo or Langosta. If so, then Horizon Pacific has Costa Rica house rentals for you too.

Costa Rica Condo Rentals

Tamarindo and Langosta, Costa Rica have many different opportunities to offer a vacationer.

Horizon Pacific has embraced that concept. We are managing a number of Costa Rica condo rentals for owners who, just like you, come from a variety of places around the world and want to share their Costa Rica vacation condo with you.

Stay in one of our Costa Rica condo rentals that typically is no more than a short walk to a luxurious pool, close to a variety of shops, restaurants and spas as well as a number of splendid adventure opportunities.

The Costa Rica condo rentals that we rent out in Tamarindo and Langosta, accommodate a romantic newlywed couple, an active family, a group of old friends on a surf or eco adventure, just as easily as a Vacation Condo could lodge a retired couple ready to squander some of their well deserved time away.

It is easy to book your Costa Rica condo rental right from here. Right now!

Costa Rica Villa Rentals

If you feel like you want to stay in Costa Rica villa rentals that reflect a little more of the culture then in high density condominium complexes where you are more removed yet still within walking distance to many of the things that you came to Costa Rica to experience, then look at the Costa Rica villa rentals Horizon Pacific has to offer. Horizon Pacific manages Costa Rica villa rentals specifically for the Tamarindo & Langosta beach areas.

The Costa Rica villa rentals that we manage are very accommodating, secure and comfortable. Many are situated in groups of 7 to 18 units. One of the great opportunities with Costa Rica vacation villa rentals is that you can rent just one if you are traveling alone or if you are an assembly of Vacationers, you can rent multiple units in the same complex so that you are close together but separate at the quiet time of the day.

Check out the Costa Rica villa rentals that we manage and see if one is right for you.