Langosta Property Management

Horizon Pacific Management and Rentals currently focuses its services to Tamarindo and Langosta Property Management. If you are looking into property management services and own a property in Langosta we are here for you.
We currently manage various condos and homes in Langosta and offer top quality management services. With our office located in downtown Tamarindo we are only a few minutes from Langosta to answer any of your needs. With a large staff of the owner, General Manager, full time Property and Concierge Manager, and Reservation Manager we offer you top notch quality.
We focus on maintaining your property while you are away and work hard into seeing that everything is taken care of with our full time maintenance crew, grounds keeping staff and housekeepers that work full time in the field.

If we cannot take care of a maintenance issue on your property with our staff, we have great relationships with many well qualified contractors and know how to effectively communicate with those contractors in order to accomplish the duties required to meet your maintenance need.

Through our office staff, we are able to pay on your behalf all of your ownership costs include but not limited to electric bills, water bills, cable and telephone bills as well as local taxes and insurance in a timely manner.

As for the Rental Management of your Langosta property, Horizon Pacific Management and Rentals is second to none. We know the Langosta & Tamarindo Rental Market. We know how to get Rental clients and service them once they are in your property. We have cutting edge secure online booking technology, an aggressive internet marketing campaign, partnerships with Travel Agencies and a great office location in Tamarindo for Walk-in business.

We will maximize your rental income potential.

Contact us today and let our Langosta Property Management business assist you!