Tamarindo Canopy Tours

No trip to Costa Rica would be complete without booking one of the many Tamarindo canopy tours, sometimes called zip-lines. You absolutely must experience the jungle, hurling through space, clinging to the handle of a pulley, hung over a length of aircraft cable stretched between two towers. It’s incredible.

With canopy tours in Tamarindo, the hardest part about finding the right tour is not the lack of options it’s deciding which one works for you. Don’t worry; Horizon Pacific is here to help you find the Tamarindo canopy tour that is right for your family. We’ve been doing this a long time.

In addition to finding the right fit of all canopy tours in Tamarindo, we would be happy to arrange for your travel to and from the location, or make sure you have the best directions if you prefer to drive yourself.

Last, before you fret about the safety of Tamarindo canopy tours, know that the track record in Costa Rica speaks for itself. Nobody has ever died from all the fun on a canopy tour. In all seriousness, any tour we book for you will come with the highest guarantee of safety and fun you should expect.

Contact us today and let us book your perfect canopy tour for you vacation. We are happy to do it for you.