Catamaran Tours in Tamarindo

So many visitors to Tamarindo spend their whole trip marveling the views of the bay. Rest assured, with all the chrome and pearly boats, it’s worth marveling. That said if you want the truly amazing view of Tamarindo, you’d want to book one of our Tamarindo catamaran tours. You want to be on one of those chrome and pearly boats, looking back at the beach, or out to the sea. The sunsets are amazing.

There are several catamaran tours in Tamarindo available for you to enjoy, and you could probably take the time and spend the energy to research them, book the cruise, and get to the dock… but let us do all that for you.

We’ll consider the time of year you’ll be in Tamarindo, the size of your group, the age-range of your group, and what you want to get from one of our catamaran tours in Tamarindo. There are chartered Tamarindo catamaran tours, and there are larger group tours, which may be more suitable.

We’ll find you the right boat, make the arrangements for you to get there, and see that you have everything you need to really enjoy yourself. Forgot to bring a waterproof camera? No problem. Left your floaties at home? We have you covered.

Horizon Pacific Vacations and Rentals will make every effort to fit every need you have to make your vacation the best vacation possible. Contact us today and let us get started making arrangements now.