Tamarindo Vacation Deals

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Cheap Costa Rica Vacations can be hard to find, especially without sacrificing comfort, service and satisfaction. By using Horizon Pacific Management & Rentals, you will find the best Costa Rica vacation deals in Tamarindo and Langosta that preserve these values.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the Vacation Rental Market so that we can help the owners whose properties we manage get the most rental opportunities and so that we can provide the best value for Vacation Property Renters. It’s important that we don’t compromise our service while helping Vacationers get the most from their vacation.

Contrary to what you may see in your Costa Rica vacation deal research, it is possible to find cheap Costa Rica vacation rentals. When you check any of the rental properties on our site, you’ll see by ‘Cheap Costa Rica Vacations’, we only mean cost. All our rental properties are beautiful, safe, enjoyable and well-located to meet your vacation needs. Our rental property options include condos in a local Tamarindo resort, condos in other complexes throughout the area, as well as townhouses, small tropical houses and houses for large groups.

Horizon Pacific Management and Rentals offers concierge service as well as arrange and reserve Costa Rica vacation deals for golfing or fishing trips, surfing and surf lessons, canopy tours, boat rides, kayaking tours, tours on horseback or ATVs and scuba diving. If there is some other activity that you want to experience while on your vacation, let us know-we’ll help you find what you’re looking for! Furthermore, activities may vary depending on the season. If you have a specific activity you are interested in, contact us to find out what times of the year are best for your area of interest.

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