Tamarindo Sport Fishing Tours

Come to Costa Rica. Catch really big fish. Go home happy.

Come try sport-fishing in Tamarindo. Whether you want to catch the kind of fish you can eat, or catch and release, Tamarindo sport-fishing will take you on the adventure you want to go on.

Tamarindo sport fishing boats take you out to the edge of the archipelago off the coast, where the big fish swim, and the best stories are made. You can catch marlin, sailfish, grouper, roosterfish, snapper, mackerel, snook, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, and even the occasional wahoo.

More importantly than the fish, you’ll catch some of the best views of Tamarindo and the ocean. If you don’t come home with a catch, you’ll come home with a story and some of the best memories you’ve ever made sport-fishing in Tamarindo.

Just like with catamarans, there are many options for booking a charter boat to go fishing. Since we’ve been around Tamarindo for so long, we know most of the boat operators, and can help get you on the boat that best fits your needs.

We’ll need to know what you want out of your tour, but once we know how many of you are going, and when you want to go, we can get busy booking all of the necessary accommodations for your tour. If you need equipment, we can arrange that for you. If you need a ride to the boat, we can do that do.

Here at Horizon Pacific Vacations we want to be your complete concierge option for all your tour needs. We are happy to leverage our network and experience, in order to save your time and money, and to make sure you have the best vacation of your life. You deserve it.